Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Girls Blog

5 Seasons in I've decided to blog about this amazingly addicting trainwreck of a show. It figures that I would start writing about BGC in its least entertaining season. Besides promiscuity, and believing you're more attractive than you actually are, I'm not sure what the qualifications of being a bad girl are. Anyway my review on the hos.....:


The resemblance is uncanny. Brandi aka Timon is one loopy broad. She was the catalyst to Morgan (the pretty one) being kicked out and her creepy obsession with Lea is pathetic. Besides her Lea-craving temper tantrums and involving herself in fights that don't concern her, her most horrid offense has to be her hair. What's the point of having a long weave if the front of your head is a buckshot balding abomination? It is really all I look at when she's speaking in the confessional. You're on television. Have some self- res- nevermind. Usually it takes a BGC girl seeing how crazy she looks on the show and by the time the reunion comes around she looks presentable. I hope this is the case for the sake of my eyes.


She's sexy and doesn't bother me. Her voice is a bit crusty, but we can't all be perfect. She definitely uses the fact that Timon is obsessed with her to screw with her head and I love it. You can't be "bff" with someone who wants to eat your choch. Common knowledge. Lea's got Timon breaking globes and lamps because she's hot for that ass - meanwhile Lea is traipsing about naked with everyone but Timon. Ha. I could go without hearing "I'm from here" out of Lea's mouth. She should have been aware going out in public with this gaggle of harpies would produce drama - hometown or not.


Ughhhh. The epitome of "ain't shit". The whoriest of whores. Dirty D indeed. It's a close call between her and Timon on who I despise more. Why was she upset the boy she banged couldn't buy her a bagel. She didn't have money for it either. She wears the same cheap shirt to the club, and on top of being broke, she's dumb. You know damn well sharing sensitive information about your life is a kiss of death on BGC. When Timon threw the fact that D is an ex heroin addict back in her face, (after she called her a stripper) I wasn't surprised. Danielle did nothing but flip over a table and yelp. Ain't shit. When Blondie was throwing glass at her, she yelled at the air AFTER the producers took Blondie outside. Ain't shit. Brandi threw puke at her, she did nothing. Ain't shit. She tends to flip out when the person she's angry at is at a safe distance or can't even hear what she's saying. I got your number Danielle. Pwhore.


Cheerleader? This one talks with her neck. Extremely irritating to watch. I don't even know why she keeps acting like she's bad after Kristin sonned her in the kitchen on the first day. That's what she gets for assuming the blonde one would be weak. She only has one dance move at the club; that rapid booty popping thing and she's completely serious during. O_o She's skeety, but not as skeety as Danielle, and at least she can afford a bagel.


I'm assuming she was talking about Kayleigh in that picture. Can't argue the fact that Kristen will fight. Her drunken outbursts are entertaining and I wish she would have been on Season 4 (instead of Annie). However, if she broke my camera in Jamaica she would have gotten a conch shell to the throat.


Useless. They replaced Morgan with this bore? I'm mad Oxygen made me think Kayleigh could actually fight just cause she knows karate. All that girl does is follow Kristen, and get upset. She wants nothing more than to fit in. It's pretty sad. I definitely don't know what makes her bad. I want her to flip out so bad yet I get nothing but tears. Boooooooo. Man up.


Cat is hot, but her premature exit made no sense. She was prettier than the majority of the other girls but she overused the word classy. If that limp dick yardie got it up in the bathroom, she would have boned him. Classy... These women fail to realize that no matter what title they give themselves "classy" "grown ass bitch" etc, the camera is THE bullshit detector. Cat's a hypocrite - sexy - but a hypocrite nonetheless. Oh well, on to the next....